January 10th, 2011

Do you need a phone land line?

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You are about to move to a new apartment or house.  Ask yourself this question, “Do you really need to have a land line?”

I believe the answer is now no.  All you really need is a wireless broadband connection so you hook up your Macbook / iPad/ iPhone / PC / Laptop and your mobile phone.
Most people give out their mobile phone number as their first point of contact and if you’re like many of the Gen X & Y, you give out your Skype name or Windows Live Messenger ID.

So your grandparents can’t get hold of you now, but who cares, you don’t want them calling you anyway – just kidding, you should be visiting them face to face.

For me, I love keeping in touch with my brother-in-law in Taiwan via Skype, my friend in Perth Australia via Messenger, and my work colleague in Orange County CA via Skype Video calls.

With my friends in New Zealand, a lot of communication is via Facebook, and the majority of young and old are texting via their mobile phone.

My best guess is 4-6 years life span on the old land line phone and it could be even quicker with Telecom New Zealand rolling out some very competitive Google Android phones and 2 degrees offering pre-pay data plans for smart phones.

Rotary Dialer
Will I miss the landline?  No way.  However, I do miss the original 10 hole dialer phone that would take a minute just to dial the numbers.  I see this turning up as a retro phone!

iPhone Retro dialer

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