June 26th, 2012

Harcourts External Research Results – June 2012


Below is an excerpt from Harcourts’ June 2012 external client survey results for Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand:

-          When we asked our landlords how they came into contact with their Harcourts property manager, the greatest response was that they had used Harcourts before (41%), followed by contacting their local Harcourts office (24%).  We also ask them for the deciding factor/s when choosing a property manager.  The greatest response was previous experience with Harcourts (35%), again illustrating the importance of repeat business, keeping in touch with our clients and delivering exceptional customer service.

Q4.  How did you come into contact with your Harcourts property manager?

Q5.  What were the deciding factors when you chose Harcourts/your property manager?


-          Our property managers in Australia are doing an exceptional job, based on the feedback received this month.  Of those surveyed, 97% indicated their property manager has a regular property inspection in place, and 91% of respondents feel that their rent is being kept in line with the market and is assessed regularly. 90% of respondents would use Harcourts to sell or purchase a property in future.

Q6. Does your property manager have a regular property inspection schedule in place?                               Q7. Do you feel your rent is being kept in line with the market and assessed regularly?

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